Medicare Plans

Learn about the different Medicare plans

At MedOptions we represent all available health insurance companies. Together we can review all available Medicare plans in one visit. Here we will lay all the options on the table for you, and help you choose the plan that is right for you.

Part A Hospital Coverage

Parte B

This part of Medicare covers you for 80% of:

Part B Medical Coverage

This part covers 2 types of services.

  • Medical services

Doctors, ambulances, medical equipment, mental health, among others.

  • Preventive services

Screening tests, chiropractic services, clinical studies and much more.

Part C Hospital, Medical and Benefits Coverage

Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans include all services covered under Parts A and B, as well as additional benefits.

Part D

This part of Medicare covers the costs of prescription drugs, such as vaccines or recommended shots. You can get this coverage through Medicare Advantage plans, or you can purchase it separately.


This type of plan allows you to have medical coverage without the need for authorization, allowing you to go to any doctor, specialist, laboratory, and hospital for any medical treatment.

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