Business Opportunity

MedOptions is looking for people like you!

Medicare is an industry that continues to grow because every day 10,000 people are turning 65 and need help interpreting the large amount of information they receive about Medicare, much of it in English. This industry will not only allow you to grow professionally, but you will also be able to create a business in one of the most demanding industries, as is health insurance.

Values that Characterize Us

Being part of the MedOptions team is not only about generating income, but also about helping a vulnerable sector of the U.S. Hispanic community that does not get enough information in their language about their Medicare entitlements and the medical benefits they could obtain.

What do we offer?

You receive monthly residual income for life, for as long as the person you helped enroll in Medicare remains in the plan you help them enroll in.

Enhance the Services You Offer

If you are a professional and already have a database of clients within your business, this is a great opportunity to diversify and offer a service that many of your clients surely need. In addition, if you already have a Life & Health license, MedOptions opens the doors for you to implement Medicare counseling within your services.

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"Become a Medicare hero with MedOptions".